Saturday, 18 January 2014

American Brands in the UK

I am interested in how American Brands which proudly express their American Heritage are so popular in the UK or elsewhere in the world. Often people are queueing when new American stores open in the UK. Hollister is a brand that projects the all american teenager, potentially linking to the brands initial success in the UK.  I am looking for texts which refer to this fascination with America in relation to other brands in order to help me with my research and analysis. This is a post I will be able to return to with more content.

The link below explains that Krispy Kreme has been such a hit in the UK despite the current national interest in healthy eating.

"This week, the North Carolina-based chain announced it would be doubling the number of its outlets in the UK to 100 over the next five years, on the back of growing sales, with revenue up 12.6% and serving 5 million customers."

"The brand is infused with a glamorous American mythology, helped in part by cameo appearances in television shows such as Sex and the City and The Sopranos, with well-publicised fans such as Madonna and BeyoncĂ©. It is an example of great branding, says Don Williams, chief executive of brand consultancy PI Global. "It has a strong personality, its heritage is almost tangible, and yet it doesn't feel like it's had marketeers all over it. It looks like it's always been that way – a little bit of old Americana, in the same way that Coca-Cola has its roots in that world. Notice the logo similarities.""

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